Hildring House – Still Turning That Corner or Mud On the Walls, Baby!

This is going to be a picture-heavy post. I’m confident that you’ll get a feel for how the spaces are shaping up. But first to discharge my Debra-imposed Pretty Picture duty, let’s continue with the Texas Gardens theme that I started last time. This shot is from a house museum/garden in Weatherford, Texas called Chandor Gardens. It’s a lovely spot.


And it’s kind of a secret. Shouldn’t be, though. If you’re ever in the Weatherford area, try to check it out. Now, on to Hildring House! Continue reading “Hildring House – Still Turning That Corner or Mud On the Walls, Baby!”


Hildring House -Beginning to Turn the Corner

The Pretty Pictures that sandwich this post are from the Dallas Arboretum and were taken during the summer of 2015. They’re apropos of nothing in the post, really. But I’ve been talking to some landscaping folks and it made me think of summer in Texas and the fact that you really can grow things in 100+ degree weather. Here’s Debra:

2015-07-12 21.19.33.jpg

And now, on to Hildring House, where things are beginning to turn toward the finish line (no, really, that’s not just wishful thinking!). Continue reading “Hildring House -Beginning to Turn the Corner”

Hildring House – A Short Post of Contractor Discoveries

Most of the picture credits in this post go to our intrepid contractor on the first phase of Hildring House, Shawn Cowdin. But even contractor updates are not exempt from Debra’s recently-enacted rule of at least two “pretty pictures” per post. So here is the first of two shots from the Chinese Lantern Festival in Dallas a couple of years ago. I thought they would be appropriate, given the electrical theme of Shawn’s pictures in the post. photo 2-2.JPGThe lighting at Hildring House won’t be quite so exotic. The electrical component of any project, however, is critical, no matter how elaborate. The Hildring House situation presented some problems that Shawn let us know about in a series of texts, shown below, that started with a basic lesson: Don’t Cut A Live Wire.

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Hildring House – Stuff is Happenin'

I love architectural contrast. Since Debra has decreed at least two “pretty” pics per post, I’ll use some of that contrast for the first one. This shot is – obviously, because of the iconic CN Tower on the left – in Toronto, taken from the the St. Lawrence Market area looking back downtown.


Now, let’s see what’s going on at Hildring House –

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Hildring House – And It Continues

When I finished assembling the photos for this post, only one of them was even close to what Debra would consider “pretty,” so I decided to supplement with a couple of travel pictures, as I often do. I ran across the shot below from a trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago. If memory serves, it’s a church on the square in Ponce, taken about thirty minutes before sundown. Puerto Rico 2012 132.JPG

A nice play of light, don’t you think? Now, let’s go take a look at the progress at Hildring House. Continue reading “Hildring House – And It Continues”

Hildring House – Quick Update

Just a quick note to let you know about a slight shift in the scope of the project. But first, something pretty. 2017-01-18 17.26.41.jpg

This is one of the two pendant lights that will go over the island in the kitchen. It’s still in the box because, you know, dirt. It’ll stay there until time for installation. You can see what it looks like in the shot from the Williams Sonoma Home website, below.

Williams Sonoma Home

The oil-rubbed bronze finish will look really rich in that space, don’t you think? Now for the project update.

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