Hildring House Remodel – First Phase Tweaks

There comes a time in most remodeling projects when the big, structural changes are done and a million little things remain. At Hildring House, we’re coming to the end of the initial phase of renovation. And that means we’re doing first phase tweaks – all of the little things without which the project just wouldn’t be a success.

Next up will be mostly cosmetic re-dos of the office, the master bedroom (not the master bath – that’s a biggie), and Debra’s Domain. Then, probably, some more major work – enlarging windows, (?) a new carport (?), extensive hard and soft-scape work out back. Stuff like that. But right now, it’s the little things.

The Grandboys’ Room

Lots of finishing touches for the grandboys’ room.

Polkadot curtainsCurtains are always a nice touch to help a room feel “dressed.” And the chalkboard had to be Goldilocks – high enough for the bigger boy but still low enough for the little guy.

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Sunday Afternoon Arabesque Lagniappe – The Alhambra, Baby

The Alhambra in Grenada, Spain is one of the most photographed sites in the world. But will that stop me from posting another one? Absolutely not. So here is a shot of an archway and accompanying door from that wonderful palace and fortress. It’s your Sunday afternoon¬† arabesque lagniappe.

Alhambra ArchwayTo my Muslim friends, Eid Mubarak.

The beauty of the Alhambra – and the Alcazar in Seville, by the way – simply blew us away on our trip to southern Spain a few months ago. I plan on doing a few travel posts about that trip but, frankly, don’t know where to start. When I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.

For now, try to notice and be grateful for the beautiful things around you – those everyday, often overlooked gems. A flower in your garden. A child’s laughter. That twinkle in your loved one’s eye when you walk through the door. The aroma of dinner on the stove. The way a tile floor feels cool to bare feet on a summer day.

We’ve been busy at Hildring House and will be posting some updates very soon. Debra’s projects are unfolding beautifully and more updates on those are on the way, as well.

Thanks for reading and please keep doing so. After all, you’re the reason we do this!



Earthy Modern Boho Progress

Just a quick¬† report on the Earthy Modern Boho progress: we’ve made a few large purchases and a couple of small tweaks and I think it’s coming along nicely. The space, itself, is taking shape – just a few more things coming in, and then we’ll get to my favorite part — moving things around and styling.

Out of the Starting Gate

Just to refresh your memory, the befores are here. This canvas wasn’t blank and we had a really good place to start, don’t you agree?

First, we added legs to the amazing vintage cabinet that sits between the fireplace and the kitchen, adjacent to the dining table:

Antique Cabinent
Photo by Amber Shumake Creative

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Lagniappe for Fathers’ Day Weekend

Some might think that roses are more appropriate for Mothers’ Day than for Fathers’ Day. I think that beauty, in whatever form, is for everyone and is appropriate for every occasion. So here is a little Lagniappe for Fathers’ Day Weekend.

Hildring House Roses
Did you forget?

Now, if you’ve forgotten that Fathers’ Day is this weekend and you’re all “Oh, no! What should I do for my dad?” Speaking as a father (and a grandfather), I can say with authority: Quit freaking out. You’ve got this.

All your dad really wants is to know that you thought of him – hopefully kindly, hopefully with something like gratitude. And, usually, he hopes to be worthy of those thoughts.

If he’s not worthy of those thoughts or doesn’t want to be – and there are those who aren’t and don’t seem to – find someone who is and wish him “Happy Fathers’ Day!” By caring enough to try, he’s helping make the world a better place.

My dad died a couple of years ago. He cared and he tried and I think of him – kindly and with gratitude – every day. And I believe that, somehow, somewhere, and on some level, he knows it. I’m pretty sure it makes him smile. I know it does me.

Even if you’re not a dad and even if your dad doesn’t deserve kind thoughts or gratitude, I hope your weekend is peaceful and pleasant and all you want it to be.


Hildring House – Remodeling & Design Progress Report

Remodeling & Design Progress Continues

It’s the beginning of summer and that brings with it a lot of family activities. You might think that would mean that progress comes to a halt on the remodeling & design efforts at Hildring House. Nope. They’ve slowed, somewhat, but certainly haven’t stopped. A lot of what is going on now involves tweaking, though. You remember the shelves in the library. We’re still rearranging but I think they’re looking quite nice, don’t you?

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Wednesday’s Lagniappe – Stockholm Alleyways

Stockholm is a lovely, bustling, vibrant city. The old town – Gamla stan – is situated on an island that offers winding narrow streets clad in smooth cobbles and iconic buildings, some dating from the 13th century. Sometimes you can wander these medieval Stockholm Alleyways – alone in the hush of early morning and imagine yourself in a different time. Here are a couple of pics of just such a time and place. They’re this Wednesday’s lagniappe.

Gamla stan passagewayStockholm AlleywayWherever your travels take you today – literally or figuratively – I wish you peace and success in all your endeavors. And remember: from here to the weekend is all downhill!

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