Hildring House Renovation Update – Random Pictures of Progress

I don’t know if things really are moving glacially on the Hildring House renovation or if it’s just because we’re living there while it’s happening. Progress is being made, however. Let’s take a look at some of the recent developments. Remember the Ikea Pax closets that I was putting in the grandboys’ room? Here they are:

Two units, one for each boy. They’ll be perfect for the occasions when they stay with us. Continue reading “Hildring House Renovation Update – Random Pictures of Progress”

Counter Stools Counter Point – 101 Choices – Another Debra Guest Post

She’s doing so many of these, I’m going to start removing the “Guest” from her posts. Which is fine by me. I love watching her process – this time in choosing counter stools. And it gives me the opportunity for some input (however minor). As usual, I’ll be chiming in with italics.  So – here we go:

Counter Stools Counterpoint

We have this oh-so-lovely island in our kitchen/family room, which has been painted, has a dishwasher, running water, and a disposal (yay!) No hardware yet….. that’s a story for another day. Today we are shopping for counter stools so we can sit at this lovely counter (honed marble- I love her so much- but on to the seating issue).

Friends, there are a LOT of ugly barstools in the world. My eyes are in pain from the looking. Although I did find some pretties:

West Elm Counter Stool
West Elm

$399 at West Elm – and probably not too grandboy friendly.

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Springtime in Fort Worth – Today’s Laigniappe

It’s springtime in Fort Worth! The weather has been pretty great the last few days – chilly mornings warming to mild afternoons and evenings, perfect for al fresco dining. I know it won’t last; I know that before long the Texas heat will bear down with a vengeance. But for now, it’s really nice.

I was driving the other day and spotted this house in a west side subdivision:

Springtime Fort Worth


From the dogwood on the near right to the new growth on the Japanese maple on the far right to the azaleas in the front bed to the new leaves on the live oaks pushing out the old, the scene just seemed to be celebrating spring.

I hope Mother Nature is being kind to you, wherever you are. Thanks for reading and coming along on the adventures With the Barretts!

Let There Be Light! – An Illuminating Hildring House Guest Post by Debra

Hello everyone, Debra here again. I am trying very diligently to focus on one room at a time…. I suffer from design ADD (okay, I have ADD everywhere, and it’s actually the people around me who do the suffering… but on to my post) This is Dan – I’ll be chiming in occasionally, too.

I thought we could talk today about lighting- I’ve been on the hunt for a couple of fixtures, and I realized we hadn’t really talked much about the ones we’ve already installed- except for those beauties in the family room from Cedar and Moss:

Tryon Sconce
Cedar and Moss

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Edinburgh Excursion – Inchcolm Abbey on the Firth of Forth

During a trip to Dublin a few years back, we flew over to Edinburgh for a few days. I fell in love with the place. We will go back and explore more of the country but we couldn’t have been more delighted with our experience in Edinburgh and vicinity.

Inchcolm Abbey ruins and clouds

One day, because it sounded like an adventure, we decided to take the train and a ferry to visit Inchcolm Abbey on an island in the Firth of Forth. This post is about that excursion. Continue reading “Edinburgh Excursion – Inchcolm Abbey on the Firth of Forth”