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Thanks for coming along With the Barretts!

Debra & Dan
Photo by Amber Shumake Creative

Adventure – near and far – with an emphasis on design.

We believe that life is exciting. From where you live to where you travel and everything in between – all from the perspective that comes with, shall we say, experience.
We’re the Barretts.

Share the adventure with us!

Dan – a writer, small-scale handyman (for the big stuff we hire pros), and lawyer – is married to

Debra – a realtor, stager, stylist, designer, project manager, and all-around creative dynamo.

And there is Effie the Wonder Dog (#effiethewonderdog), who is quite the ham and regularly photo bombs the home renovation pictures.

Effie the Wonder Dog
Effie the Wonder Dog – photo by amber shumake creative

We see life as a transformative experience and hope that you’ll enjoy it with us.

When folks are in harmony with their space, the world is a better place. So, part of what we do is matching homes with people. Sometimes, those people are us.

And we travel. This world is a wide and wonderful place, with myriad cultures and landscapes to be explored.

Between us, we have transformed dozens of houses, visited scores of countries, and relished every adventure (well, okay, some more than others).

We hope that you’ll come along With the Barretts as we continue the journey.

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