Hildring House – Still Turning That Corner or Mud On the Walls, Baby!

Remodeling & Design / Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

This is going to be a picture-heavy post. I’m confident that you’ll get a feel for how the spaces are shaping up. But first to discharge my Debra-imposed Pretty Picture duty, let’s continue with the Texas Gardens theme that I started last time. This shot is from a house museum/garden in Weatherford, Texas called Chandor Gardens. It’s a lovely spot.


And it’s kind of a secret. Shouldn’t be, though. If you’re ever in the Weatherford area, try to check it out. Now, on to Hildring House!

2017-02-03 15.15.28.jpg

The sheetrocking  process is continuing. The next several pics show the drywall going up and how the spatial definition is really starting to appear.

2017-02-04 10.53.09.jpg
New laundry on the left, new powder bath on the right.
2017-02-03 15.17.27.jpg
New laundry room.

2017-02-03 15.16.00.jpg

Remember the hot alarm switchplate in Shawn‘s pictures? The alarm weirdness continues behind the vent grating circled in the picture above. That vent isn’t connected to the HVAC system; the new vent on the right fulfills that function. The old alarm siren is behind the circled vent and the sheetrock guys didn’t know what to do with it. 2017-02-04 10.51.44.jpg

Shawn did. He ripped it all out with the help of a curved-claw hammer. Which meant a little more work for the drywall fellows. I doubt that they minded too much.

2017-02-04 10.53.41.jpg
New Powder Bath

Remember the sink that Debra fell in love with? This is the special plumbing arrangement that had to be used for it.

2017-02-04 10.52.29.jpg
Already looking much better.

The room that I’ve been calling the mother-in-law suite actually will be Debra’s room – we have an “ours and hers” arrangement that I heartily recommend for a happy marriage. WE have the master bedroom and en suite bath. SHE also has a bedroom and bath of her own at the far end of the house. It works quite well and, as long as momma is happy, everyone is happy.

So – in the Debra Suite, there isn’t enough closet space. The room backs up to a storage closet in the garage. The decision to augment the Debra Suite closet space with that storage closet was an easy one – and one that I lobbied to get done before we move in.

2017-02-07 12.37.13.jpg

This pic is looking into the Debra Suite from the garage through what used to be the door to the storage closet. And the next one is looking into the new closet space from the bedroom.

2017-02-07 12.38.00 HDR.jpg
This closet, together with the one to the right, should work out nicely AND give her adequate space – particularly if I share some of my excess space. Which I will. Of course.

The next several pics show the mud going on the walls. We are not fans of heavy texture and wherever we can, we opt for smooth walls. But that requires a lot of sheet rock mud.

2017-02-07 12.28.09.jpg
Looks a lot better with none of that horrid burgundy showing.
2017-02-07 12.28.30.jpg
You can get a better idea of how the wall washer sconces will look on this wall.
2017-02-07 12.28.46.jpg
The enlarged openings lead to the dining area on the left and the Debra Suite on the right.
2017-02-07 12.29.02.jpg
You can really see how the hallway has opened up – not nearly so claustrophobic.
2017-02-07 12.29.35.jpg
Once painted, the fireplace will be a focal point, not looming and oppressive.
2017-02-07 12.30.07.jpg
The view from the (as-yet-uninstalled) kitchen island.

That’s it for today. I’ll close with another shot from Chandor Gardens. Both of the garden pics were taken several years ago with an older cell phone and really don’t do justice to the scenes. Trust me – it’s worth a look-see, as they say here in Texas.


Moving day is coming fast – it’ll be an adventure. Hope you’ll come along With the Barretts!

Thanks for reading!

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