The Heart of the SoMoToHo – The Kitchen – Part 6 of Many – Cabinets

Remodeling & Design / Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Brugge 090This building in Brugge, Belguim was built sometime in the 1500s (yeah, I know – that may have been the date of construction but those windows are new; and lovely). The panels above the three windows on the second story show scenes of everyday life.Brugge 091The one on the far right shows a kitchen scene. Brugge 094 I chose this picture for two reasons: first, to illustrate the dearth of significant cabinetry in a 1500s-era kitchen (this post is all about the SoMoToHo cabinets); and, second, because it’s getting close to Halloween and I thought the spider web was an appropriate touch. (You can use your imagination to turn the cat by the hearth black.) Now, on to the SoMoToHo cabinets!2015-10-02 00.30.05This pic and the next two show the kitchen immediately after the cabinet boxes were installed. You can see in this view where the drop-in range will go – where the new gas pipe with attached pressure meter is sticking out of the wall. The cover for the hood is directly above and slants back at about 30 degrees. 2015-10-02 00.28.46The span on the opposite wall, shown above, has an open space for the new dishwasher and, as promised, a new sink space directly under the new window. 2015-10-02 00.30.34Another view of the range wall shows more clearly the spot where the fridge will sit to the right of the range. The panels for the fridge are in its space and were part of the initial cabinet project – primarily because we already have the fridge; it’s sitting in the dining room, remember?IMG_2582Here is an end-on view. 2015-10-02 00.30.20You can begin to get a sense of how much larger the kitchen will feel without the previous sink L that cut across the middle of the room – and without sacrificing counter space.

After the boxes were set, it was time for the fabulous Justin Cowdin to come do some trim work. IMG_2795You can get a feel for the angle of the crown by looking at the section to the right where it has yet to be connected to the wall piece. IMG_2799And this pic shows the addition of crown trim to the shorter fridge and pantry cabinets. Once the trim was on, it was time for all of the drawers to come out IMG_2809in preparation for paint. Really smelly paint. Even with the doors sealed off with plastic and moving blankets, the water-based alkyd enamel (no – that’s not a typo; water-based alkyd enamel) was headache-inducing. Thank goodness for mild weather so that we could keep the windows open and fans on to air the fumes out of the rest of the house.

IMG_2818Debra and Effie are excited about the way the bright white cabinets look against the grey, off-white walls – not to mention that Effie just thought it had been way too long since she had been featured in blog pictures. So here she is again, in profile:IMG_2821IMG_2823The shaker fronts look much cleaner and sleeker than the multiple raised panels of the old cabinets. The panels for the fridge and the dishwasher will give the whole unit a seamless feeling and the hardware will continue the simple, elegant theme. I don’t want to be guilty of a spoiler but in future posts, keep an eye on the area above the range. It looks like the perfect spot for some drama, don’t you think?

Here is a closing shot of the sink/window wall with Effie practicing her Halloween stare:IMG_2822-1Thanks so much for following along with us. Counter tops are coming! Hope you’ll be here for their arrival.

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