SoMoToHo – Before and After – Fin

We’re continuing our interior look at the transformation of the SoMoToHo. Everything is going smoothly with the sale and shortly this home will belong to someone else. We hope that they will love it as much as we have loved creating it.

Let’s start in the library:

2014-10-19 22.01.20.jpg

5517 Byers-6.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze


2014-10-19 22.01.00.jpg

5517 Byers-4.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-5.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

Now we move on to the dining area.

dining to family.jpg

5517 Byers-10.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

2014-10-19 21.37.40.jpg

5517 Byers-7.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-9.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

Here are a few of the family room:

2014-10-19 21.40.32.jpg
Debra and Effie contemplating what to do with this space.
5517 Byers-14.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-15.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-17.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

And now for the kitchen:

2014-10-19 21.38.46.jpg

5517 Byers-18.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
2014-10-19 21.38.56.jpg
Effie was skeptical
5517 Byers-20.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-19.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-22.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-23.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

I’ll close with another shot of the exterior, just to say goodbye with.

5517 Byers-51.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

We’re very proud of the way this transformation turned out – I’m a lucky guy to be married to someone with Debra’s vision. We don’t know yet what the next project will be but, whatever it is, I hope you’ll come along with us – you make it much more fun!

Thanks for reading – see you next time!

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SoMoToHo – Before & After – Installment Two

It’s time to step inside the SoMoToHo and show some pics of the interior transformation. Again, thanks to Trey Freeze for his lovely photographs and thanks to Shawn Cowdin for his help in bringing about this metamorphosis. So – without further ado and in no particular order, here we go.

2015-03-05 18.01.08.jpg
En suite bath in the upstairs master.
After – same aspect.
5517 Byers-36.jpg
After – photo by Trey Freeze
master up.jpg
Upstairs Master – before
5517 Byers-34.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-35.jpg
View from the en suite into the Master up. Photo by Trey Freeze
Office – before
5517 Byers-32.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
nook desk.jpg
Upstairs office nook – before
5517 Byers-31.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
2014-10-19 20.30.48.jpg
Stairway – before
5517 Byers-30.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
2015-01-26 00.28.52.jpg
Downstairs Master en suite – before
5517 Byers-27.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
Downstairs Master en suite – looking in from the bedroom
2014-10-19 20.38.18.jpg
Downstairs Master – before – this carpet was moved upstairs into the office.
5517 Byers-25.jpg
Downstairs Master after – photo by Trey Freeze
2014-10-19 20.18.45.jpg
Powder Bath – before
5517 Byers-24.jpg
Powder After – photo by Trey Freeze

We’ll continue our tour of the SoMoToHo interior in the next post – I hope you’ll come along for the rest – we love sharing this journey.

Thanks for reading!

SoMoToHo – Before & After – Installment One

I mentioned in the last post that, by the time you read it, the SoMoToHo would be on the market. It’s now under contract. Debra and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to transform this home into something beautiful – like a caterpillar into a butterfly (couldn’t resist the chrysalis reference). And we really appreciate that you joined us in the adventure!

So. As promised, here are some before and after pics. I’m limiting this post to the exterior. In the next post, I’ll move to the interior. It may take a couple of posts to finish with the before and afters.

Many thanks to Trey Freeze for his wonderful camera work.  exterior front 2.jpg

5517 Byers-51.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

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SoMoToHo – Waterworks Continued and Roaring to the Finish

It has been awhile since my last post. Debra and I decided to escape the Texas heat and head WAY south – Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Here is a shot of Debra enjoying the cold weather and admiring the Puente de la Mujer by Calatrava in Puerto Madero, BA. 2016-06-26 15.57.44.jpgIf you’ve been to Dublin, you’ll find this bridge to be familiar. Same architect. Here’s a shot of the one in Ireland:

Ireland 2011 113 (3).JPG

See what I mean?

In any event – in addition to escaping the heat, we’ve been working furiously on the SoMoToHo getting her ready to sell. In a few days, I’ll do a “before and after” post with after photos by Trey Freeze, which are always a treat. In the meantime, I wanted to share the progress and some of the “little things” that go into getting a major project like this one ready.  Continue reading “SoMoToHo – Waterworks Continued and Roaring to the Finish”

SoMoToHo Waterworks Continued – The Downstairs Master Bath

The two pics below are from a 2011 trip to Ireland. The first is just pretty – from the village of Howth outside of Dublin. The second is the beginning of the Liffey Swim, an annual event that began in 1920 and has evolved into a big-damned-deal, as you can tell by the number of folks lined up to take the chilly September plunge.

Ireland 2011 091 (38).JPG

Ireland 2011 098 (17).JPG

The next project at the SoMoToHo is the en suite bath for the master bedroom downstairs. It is the largest bath in the house and the one that Debra was most excited about transforming. Since it’s a significant project and since we have some other time-consuming stuff going on, we’ve once again enlisted the help of Shawn Cowdin to act as our contractor. He’s reliable and conscientious and attentive to detail and, while he isn’t shy about making design suggestions, he understands and – most importantly – doesn’t try to change Debra’s vision.

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SoMoToHo Coffee Bar – a New Look

The pic below is of a sidewalk coffee stand in the Kadikoy district of Istanbul, on the Asian side.

2014-09-14 11.11.38.jpg

They take their coffee very seriously there and boy, do they like it strong – the story goes that your espresso isn’t strong enough unless it can support a standing bull. Debra and I aren’t quite that fanatical but we do like our coffee. We’ve had dedicated coffee bars in the last couple of houses that we’ve redone. The new look of the one in the SoMoToHo is the subject of this post. Here is what we started with: Continue reading “SoMoToHo Coffee Bar – a New Look”