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Our (well, Debra’s) Hildring House kitchen is featured on Design Sponge’s Before and After. Go take a look!

Hildring House Kitchen
Photo by Amber Shumake

Just in case you missed the link, find it here.

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The Unfitted Kitchen – a Guest Post by Debra

Debra is back with another guest post – this one dealing with the unfitted kitchen that occupied quite a bit of the last post. As always, if I have comments (and you know I won’t be able to help myself), they’ll be in italics.  –Dan

Hello Everyone- Debra here. So Dan comes home today and tells me that no one has ever heard of an unfitted kitchen! I had to do a quick web check to be certain I had not accidentally made it up (I do suffer from the occasional bout of making things up –occasional?). But luckily, this time I have not done so!

Here’s how our unfitted kitchen came about- in addition to being a remodeloholic, I’m also an anglophile. I fell in love many years ago with British decor and I have long paid ridiculous amounts of money to get the British decorating magazines. Which is how I became familiar with the term and the concept of an “unfitted kitchen.”

The term ‘unfitted’ means freestanding or independent and is an English term that contrasts to the term ‘fitted kitchen’ which refers to a kitchen that is created with continuous bands of cabinetry and counter tops. Fitted kitchens are far more common in the US.

Devol Kitchens
Devol Kitchens

This one is more like ours – a “partially fitted” kitchen. From a cabinet maker in the UK – check out their website (devolkitchens.co.uk) – they make lovely things …. and I’m sure they’d ship for a small (right) fee. Continue reading “The Unfitted Kitchen – a Guest Post by Debra”

Progress at Hildring House – Of Grass and Knobs and Unfitted Kitchens

While we were in Spain, things progressed at Hildring House – evidenced by grass, knobs, and the unfitted kitchen. This phase of the renovation is nearing an end (please!) and it’s turning out well, we think. Right before we left, the grey decomposed granite had gone down in the sitting area out front

Crushed gravel sitting areaand some staking had been done in the area of the screening bed:

Bare dirtAnd now for the progress:


Sod is down

sitting area with sodwe put in the first couple of many, many more plants to come

Front bed
Effie surveying the yard

Continue reading “Progress at Hildring House – Of Grass and Knobs and Unfitted Kitchens”

Hildring House Renovation Update – Random Pictures of Progress

I don’t know if things really are moving glacially on the Hildring House renovation or if it’s just because we’re living there while it’s happening. Progress is being made, however. Let’s take a look at some of the recent developments. Remember the Ikea Pax closets that I was putting in the grandboys’ room? Here they are:

Two units, one for each boy. They’ll be perfect for the occasions when they stay with us. Continue reading “Hildring House Renovation Update – Random Pictures of Progress”

Life in the Construction Zone – A Quick Hildring House Renovation Update

You know how they say that when you’re experiencing something unpleasant, you should close your eyes and think of being somewhere beautiful? That’s what I’m doing with this first pic – it takes me away from the dust and paint and plumbing and electrical work. Well, that and providing the first of Debra’s mandated minimum two pretty pictures per post.

Barbados beach
Barbados – Winter 2015

The work continuing at Hildring House is leading to a beautiful place, too. Continue reading “Life in the Construction Zone – A Quick Hildring House Renovation Update”

Chaos Reigns – the Hildring House Adventure Continues

Shopping in exotic locales is fun. Debra really loves it. I even get a kick out of it. But Debra really loves it. Here she is in a gallery of sorts just off of Istiklal Caddesi in the Beyoglu area of Istanbul (one of our favorite places, by the way).

The trouble with shopping around the world is that you end up bringing things home.

And then you have to move them. Continue reading “Chaos Reigns – the Hildring House Adventure Continues”