Progress at Hildring House – Of Grass and Knobs and Unfitted Kitchens

Remodeling & Design / Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

While we were in Spain, things progressed at Hildring House – evidenced by grass, knobs, and the unfitted kitchen. This phase of the renovation is nearing an end (please!) and it’s turning out well, we think. Right before we left, the grey decomposed granite had gone down in the sitting area out front

Crushed gravel sitting areaand some staking had been done in the area of the screening bed:

Bare dirtAnd now for the progress:


Sod is down

sitting area with sodwe put in the first couple of many, many more plants to come

Front bed
Effie surveying the yard

The next two pics show the shade bed under the red oak on the north end of the yard and the configuration of the screening bed at the south end – to block the “poison arrows” coming from the busy intersection in that direction.

And we’ll put some Big Blue liriope in the space along the front of the house – it runs the entire distance of the front.

front porch bed
Won’t this all look better when we get around to painting the brick?

But the most exciting changes have been in the knob and unfitted kitchen areas.


First – the new laundry room. The knobs are on those lovely blue cabinets:

I think Debra did a great job selecting these knobs. They’re almost translucent and they have just the right feel of casual-ness for the laundry room. But she did an even better job in the kitchen, which is our segue to the

Unfitted Kitchen

Debra in unfitted kitchen
She said “You weren’t supposed to take my picture!”

As you can see, the unfitted kitchen is coming along very nicely and we’re just tickled with it. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re cooks – we use our kitchen. This configuration is much easier to actually use. Far less “Debra! Where is the – (fill-in-the-blank?)” But it will require a bit more organizational effort. I’m okay with that.

Unfitted kitchen view 2The articulating light on the shelf won’t stay there. We’ve ordered some wall-mounted lighting for that space and the corresponding one on the other side of the vent hood. We’ll need some electrical work at some point in the future to deal with the aesthetics of the plugs. Eventually, the coffee will move to the new coffee bar – but that is a completely different project, for the future.  It’s coming right along and, like I said, we’re really happy so far.

And the “pretty” stuff in the kitchen? Well, the island has its jewelry:

Island handlesPretty, aren’t they? You might notice that the drawers are framed in unpainted birch. That’s because the original drawer faces warped. All of them. Very weird. But they’ve been replaced now and will be painted sometime this week.

The mix of the brushed gold of the hardware, the honed marble counter tops, the stainless appliance handles, and the rich white of the painted cabinets makes for a very pleasing palate, don’t you think?

Kitchen surfacesSo glad that we’re nearing the end of this phase but even happier that you’ve shared the journey With the Barretts. Please keep reading – and like, and share, and invite your friends – we love the company!

2 Replies to “Progress at Hildring House – Of Grass and Knobs and Unfitted Kitchens”

  1. Hey, Dan. Fun to come home to see new things done. Our fence was put up while we were gone last fall. Very nice to miss out on the mess and such a good feeling to see it up when we returned. So I’ve learned a new term (and this for a died in the wool HGTV fan). I’d never heard of an “unfitted” kitchen. I guess you’re saying you don’t have a lot of built-in upper cabinets? You’re braver than I. Hiding things is essential for me. Except for my tippy-top cabinets with glass and lights to show off favorite blue and turquoise items. Fun to see your progress.

    1. Hey, Marsha – Yeah, on that wall, no cabinets at all. Just open shelves and racks and steel prep tables. We’re really enjoying it. We do have the armoire that we’re using as the pantry – I added wire drawers to it to make it more functional – but no other cabinets. It’s kind of liberating! Thanks for reading!

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