Hildring House Renovation Update – Random Pictures of Progress

Remodeling & Design / Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

I don’t know if things really are moving glacially on the Hildring House renovation or if it’s just because we’re living there while it’s happening. Progress is being made, however. Let’s take a look at some of the recent developments. Remember the Ikea Pax closets that I was putting in the grandboys’ room? Here they are:

Two units, one for each boy. They’ll be perfect for the occasions when they stay with us.

New Laundry and Powder Rooms

The new doors for the new laundry and powder have been painted and they’re gorgeous! Here is the one on the laundry:

Laundry Room Door
See the pretty blue cabinets in the room behind the door? More about those in just a second.

When the “jewelry” (handles) is installed, these doors will be just about perfect.

And speaking of the blue cabinets, they look great with those special floors:

Laundry room cabinents & floors

Debra found some ultra-cool handles for these cabinets that I’ll show in a future post, after they’re installed. Not having handles, however, hasn’t stopped her from filling the cabinets (storage space is at a premium in Hildring House, especially compared with the SoMoToHo).

Filled cabinets
Note the blue-tape “handles.”

We ran into a problem in the new powder. Someone (I won’t mention who, Shawn) miscalculated the amount of tile necessary for the wall behind the toilet and sink.

Tile Wall - unfinishedSo. It will be a bit before that wall can be completely tiled and grouted, which is necessary before the toilet and sink can be installed. Good thing there are other options (albeit not nearly so cool).


Things have been happening in the kitchen, even if not as rapidly as we might like (do they ever?). The biggest change was paint. The island and refrigerator cabinet have been painted and the white appliances have been installed.

Shrouded for paintThe painter – the wonderful Monte Burns – had this nifty gadget to help with masking for painting:

Masking tool
Blue tape and paper in one smooth operation
First coat on the island
Debra is happy with the sink

In the next pic, you can see the contrast of the white island with the dark olive back wall.

Painted Kitchen
You can see the beginnings of the unfitted style on the back wall with the steel worktable on the left and the armoire/pantry on the right.

And here are the white refrigerator and dishwasher:

We (and I did actually have some input into this decision) decided to try an “unfitted” kitchen: open shelving, steel work tables, separate furniture pieces, rather than the typical, installed cabinets. More like a commercial kitchen. I’ll close with a shot of the unfitted kitchen thus far. Additional shelves and LED adhesive strip lighting will be forthcoming. But we are pretty tickled with the results to this point.

Unfitted KitchenSo. That’s the news from Hildring House for today. One day it will be a sharp, comfortable space. We hope you’ll come along With the Barretts and watch it happen!

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