Hildring House Long Overdue Laundry Room Post

First Hildring House Project Completed

Four months and many many dollars later… the laundry room is “finished”…. well, as finished as anything ever gets with me around. [This is Dan – I’ll be chiming in occasionally. Just can’t help myself, you know. I have to agree – “finished” is euphemistic for “reasonably satisfied for the moment but don’t get too used to it.”] So here is a long overdue laundry room post – with some good pictures by Trey Freeze.

Tile Floor Laundry Room
Photo by Trey Freeze

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Chaos Reigns – the Hildring House Adventure Continues

Shopping in exotic locales is fun. Debra really loves it. I even get a kick out of it. But Debra really loves it. Here she is in a gallery of sorts just off of Istiklal Caddesi in the Beyoglu area of Istanbul (one of our favorite places, by the way).

The trouble with shopping around the world is that you end up bringing things home.

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Hildring House – Stuff is Happenin'

I love architectural contrast. Since Debra has decreed at least two “pretty” pics per post, I’ll use some of that contrast for the first one. This shot is – obviously, because of the iconic CN Tower on the left – in Toronto, taken from the the St. Lawrence Market area looking back downtown.


Now, let’s see what’s going on at Hildring House –

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Hildring House – It's Demo Time!

It’s time for things to get messy – not dirty and decrepit like the street scene from Montevideo, Uruguay, below,

2016-07-02 10.02.01.jpg

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The Heart of the SoMoToHo – The Kitchen – Part 6 of Many – Cabinets

Brugge 090This building in Brugge, Belguim was built sometime in the 1500s (yeah, I know – that may have been the date of construction but those windows are new; and lovely). The panels above the three windows on the second story show scenes of everyday life.Brugge 091The one on the far right shows a kitchen scene. Brugge 094 I chose this picture for two reasons: first, to illustrate the dearth of significant cabinetry in a 1500s-era kitchen (this post is all about the SoMoToHo cabinets); and, second, because it’s getting close to Halloween and I thought the spider web was an appropriate touch. (You can use your imagination to turn the cat by the hearth black.) Now, on to the SoMoToHo cabinets! Continue reading “The Heart of the SoMoToHo – The Kitchen – Part 6 of Many – Cabinets”