2 Examples of Why Design Matters from Debra

Listening to Debra talk about some of her recent projects, I asked her to do another “Why Design Matters” post.  As usual, my comments will be in italics. Here it is:

I’ve done a couple of consultations recently that really made me happy and I’d love to share them with you:

Color Consultation

I finished an exterior color consultation last week for a dear friend.  She bought her darling little place 16 years ago and she has done a ton of work over the years … but she’s never been happy with the brick.

After a big hailstorm last year, she got a new roof. She chose black – and immediately hated it. The roof was lovely. The real problem was that it just didn’t work with the brick. So, she recently decided to take the plunge and paint the brick. Continue reading “2 Examples of Why Design Matters from Debra”

Hildring House – Changes Before Changes

Happy New Year!

Scotland 2011 007 (6).JPG
Edinburgh Castle

Some things just have to change, even before the real work starts. Remember the two shades of red with black trim on the front door and entryway?


Debra said that had to go immediately. Eventually, we’ll paint the entire exterior of the house.But for now, even this small change makes a big difference: Continue reading “Hildring House – Changes Before Changes”

SoMoToHo – Before & After – Installment One

I mentioned in the last post that, by the time you read it, the SoMoToHo would be on the market. It’s now under contract. Debra and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to transform this home into something beautiful – like a caterpillar into a butterfly (couldn’t resist the chrysalis reference). And we really appreciate that you joined us in the adventure!

So. As promised, here are some before and after pics. I’m limiting this post to the exterior. In the next post, I’ll move to the interior. It may take a couple of posts to finish with the before and afters.

Many thanks to Trey Freeze for his wonderful camera work.  exterior front 2.jpg

5517 Byers-51.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

Continue reading “SoMoToHo – Before & After – Installment One”

LOAP Alpha – Pics by the Pros

In the last post, I mentioned that we were going to have some professional pictures taken of the LOAP Alpha. As you know, we typically have Trey Freeze do our professional shots. Trey was too busy (as many truly talented people are) to take the Alpha pics on the schedule that we needed, so we asked Matrix Tours to do the job. And a fine job they did. So here they are – let me know what you think! And, if you’re in the market for a spectacularly renovated 3/2/2 in west Fort Worth for an eminently reasonable price, give us a shout. We’d be tickled for this to be your new home!

Living Room
Living looking toward front door
Going from living into kitchen/dining
Kitchen from the dining area
Dining area from the kitchen
One of my favorite angles
Hall bath – a total transformation
“Blue room” – see, I told you the mirrored closet would show up
Middle bedroom looking toward the hall
Master bedroom – on the front of the house
Master looking toward the hall and the en suite bath
En suite bath in the Master
The first of a few of the back yard – great space and great potential
See what I mean?
Big – like, room-sized – storage shed


Welcome Home
Really – welcome

That’s it for the LOAP Alpha. Thanks for going through this transition with us. It’s been fun – and gratifying. This home has lots of pleasure to give – it just had to be coaxed out of hiding.  Soon, we’ll do another LOAP – since Limitless Opportunities are Always Present!

Next, though, we’ll go back to the SoMoToHo, where things are hap-pen-ing. Hope you’ll come along!

A Purpose for the Post (double entendre warning) – or SoMoToHo Numerology

Brugge 367Posts – the structural kind – are ubiquitous. They serve all kinds of purposes – often vertical support or lateral support or both. Or to function as light stands, like the one on a bridge in Amsterdam shown above. (The crown also tells you something about the ownership of the property where it’s located.)

At the SoMoToHo, we have a brick fencepost out front that serves a triple purpose – a terminus for a short brick fence, a light stand, and a spot for displaying the address numbers. Here is what it looked like (circled in red) when we bought the house: Continue reading “A Purpose for the Post (double entendre warning) – or SoMoToHo Numerology”