Evolution of the Hildring House Powder Bath


A Powder Bath Where Once There Was None

When we bought Hildring House, it was in a 5 bedroom, 3 bath configuration. None of the baths were easily accessible by guests. Two were traditional en suite and one was a Jack-n-Jill between two bedrooms. No powder bath for guests. What’s the sense in that?

So, you may recall, we converted one of the bedrooms into an expanded hallway (stroll the hallway post here), a laundry room (you’ll find that one here) and a powder bath. This is a little post reminiscing about the evolution of that powder bath. You might also want to check out the post where Debra showed some of her inspiration for it. You can find that here.

This powder is in the new space, so not only is the destination lovely but the journey (short though it may be) past the new accent wallpaper is pretty nice, too.

Short hall wallpaper
Photo by Trey Freeze

See how the oh-so-pale pink of the powder wall reflects the accents in the flowers on the wallpaper? And the black of the doors connects to the black wallpaper background? Keep that in mind as we go in the powder bath and you gander at its accent wall.

You can glimpse the square toilet from Duravit that Debra fell so hard for. (Remember when it first got set, here?) Spoiler alert – we’re going to talk about the sink that matches it in a minute.

A Bit of History

The powder is a long, long way from the hole in the ground with drain pipes sticking up.

Drain pipes sprouting from hole in concreteAnd remember when Effie was so fascinated by the new concrete floor?

Effie inspecting new concrete floor
Effie inspecting new concrete floor

In the pic above you can see the toilet drain back against the wall where Debra’s beautiful toilet ended up. But where there is a toilet there must be a sink. And the toilet wasn’t the only Duravit fixture that she obsessed about – er, was fond of. The sink that she chose to go with it posed a much bigger installation problem for our plumber, partly because of the lack of a vertical support structure and partly because of the faucet configuration.

Debra snapped a picture of the plumber (Mike Creager – Service Company Plumbing, for those of you in our area; highly recommended) in mid-experience of some installation problems presented by the beautiful sink. You probably can’t read the frustration in his expression like we can. But Mike is a gentleman as well as a plumbing wizard. He never complained (much); he just got it done.

Plumber and SinkApparently, the sink is designed for European installation (if you’ve followed the travel posts in this blog, that won’t surprise you) and it required considerable inventiveness to get it to work with the faucets that Debra wanted.

We also had to have the faucets plated, since there were none to be found with the finish that she selected that also would work with the sink. The final installation doesn’t look like it would be that difficult but, trust me …..

Close up of faucet and sink
Photo by Trey Freeze
Powder Bath Reveal

We found a mirror at a Wisteria warehouse sale that was the perfect size and complimented the antique brass as if it had been designed to do so.

Sink and Mirror
Photo by Trey Freeze

You’ll notice the robe hook positioned to hold a Turkish hand towel is clear acrylic with antique brass, as is the toilet paper holder visible in the next shot. (And the harder-than-diamonds black hex tile that ties in to the black background of the wall paper in the hallway, as promised.)

The powder bath is small – almost the entire thing fits in the space that was the closet of that 5th bedroom – but it’s plenty big enough for the purpose. Now, guests at Hildring House don’t have to go into a bedroom to find a bathroom. And quite a pretty one, at that.

Powder Bath full view
Photo by Trey Freeze

Thanks for witnessing the evolution of the powder bath at Hildring House. Stay tuned – some exciting things involving the unfitted kitchen are coming soon, promise! And more travel and more lagniappe and more Adventure With the Barretts.



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