The Heart of the SoMoToHo – The Kitchen – Part 4 of Many – The Turn to Progress

Remodeling & Design / Friday, September 25th, 2015

The pics above show bamboo scaffolding on a building under construction in Hong Kong. No metal. No wood. Just bamboo.

Construction methods in the SoMoToHo are not so exotic. Wood framing; sheet rock; tape, bed and texture; PVC pipe. The destruction is by no means over. But there has been a turn toward construction. You can begin to see the shape the new kitchen will take. For instance, the picture below shows that framing for the new window above the relocated sink has been done, showing where it will go, and the majority of the wiring has been completed (see the blue outlet boxes in the pic).2015-09-04 16.30.57And the ceiling bears witness to the change in the lighting scheme:2015-09-04 16.31.46We’re transitioning from 6″ to 4″ cans, which will allow more intimate and varied lighting, while strategic placement will ensure focused task illumination.2015-09-04 16.32.51Of course, it’s the finishes that will make or break the kitchen. Well, yeah, okay, the appliances, too. But even fantastic appliances can’t salvage inappropriate or unattractive finishes. The cabinet fronts, countertops, paint, and tile are what determine whether the kitchen will have the right “wow” factor. As I’ve mentioned, we both cook. We use our kitchen; we don’t just look at it. So we want our finishes to speak of elegance, yet efficiency – a touch of luxury amid the practicality. I think Debra has found that balance in this kitchen. Here’s a preview:

IMG_4192This backsplash and wall tile has a nice touch of the rustic without sacrificing freshness – you never want any part of a kitchen to look like a germ breeding ground. The countertops will be marble (I won’t repeat the discussion about the pros and cons of marble that we had in the Mid-Century Ranch). Here are a few of the slabs under consideration, showing a wide variety of variegation:

IMG_4191IMG_4190IMG_4188IMG_4186Color, density, movement – they’re all important considerations. And these examples differ drastically from one another, yet could all be described as “white marble.” Which would you choose? Perhaps that’s not a fair question, since you don’t know what the paint colors are or what the appliances look like, not to mention any accent tile. So, which is your favorite, standing alone? You’ll just have to keep reading to see which one was the lucky winner.

Another hint about what the finished room will look like – we’re keeping with the light and airy theme for paint, with some darker accents used sparingly. The walls will be Sheep’s Wool, the cabinets White Christmas, and the accents Day’s End. In this kitchen, the walls won’t be making the statement. The finishes will – although, to be honest, the appliances will be pretty knocked out, too.

Next up – continuing progress and Let There Be (Natural) Light. Thanks for reading.

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