Counter Stools Counter Point – 101 Choices – Another Debra Guest Post

She’s doing so many of these, I’m going to start removing the “Guest” from her posts. Which is fine by me. I love watching her process – this time in choosing counter stools. And it gives me the opportunity for some input (however minor). As usual, I’ll be chiming in with italics.  So – here we go:

Counter Stools Counterpoint

We have this oh-so-lovely island in our kitchen/family room, which has been painted, has a dishwasher, running water, and a disposal (yay!) No hardware yet….. that’s a story for another day. Today we are shopping for counter stools so we can sit at this lovely counter (honed marble- I love her so much- but on to the seating issue).

Friends, there are a LOT of ugly barstools in the world. My eyes are in pain from the looking. Although I did find some pretties:

West Elm Counter Stool
West Elm

$399 at West Elm – and probably not too grandboy friendly.

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Dirty Laundry – a Hildring House Debra Guest Post

So – it’s time for another guest post by the lovely Debra. To start us off, here is a shot of her a couple of years ago in Old Town San Juan:

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Hildring House – Another Note from Debra

It was an early morning. Debra did her 4 a.m. arising bit, as she frequently does, and finished a guest post almost before I got up. Then we (she, Effie, and I) went for a walk/run on the Trinity Trails. A very pretty morning. Here is a shot of the railroad bridge in the park: IMG_5074.JPGLovely, isn’t it? And now on to Debra’s early morning guest post. FYI – my comments are in italics –

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Hildring House – Another Peek Behind the Curtain

I thought I’d give you a little more insight into Debra’s inspiration for the new powder at Hildring House. There isn’t any order or sequence to this stuff – just an olio of ideas.

This first one is illustrative of adding a lot of interest to a very small space.

Floriane Lemarié.jpg
Source – Floriane Lemarie

The Hildring House powder is pretty limited on space, too, so ideas for keeping it interesting without making it too claustrophobic are important. Here are some more:

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Hildring House – Guest Post by Debra

Debra says that she’s tired of all the demo pictures, so she’ll be commandeering this post to show “some pretty stuff.” Okay – I’ll relinquish the keyboard for a while. But before I do, and in the spirit of “pretty stuff,” here is a pic from our recent visit to the National Botanic Gardens in Washington D.C.:

2016-12-24 09.23.12.jpg

So – on to Debra’s guest post:

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Progress in the Powder – Part 1

Brugge 560

How lucky we are to live in an age – and a country – with indoor plumbing. This picture was taken a couple of years ago in Bruges, Belgium. The well didn’t have any dating information on it, but the surrounding buildings had date plates from the mid-1600s.

The SoMoToHo has plenty of bathrooms, all of which need updating. Downstairs, there is an en suite in the master and a guest powder, or half bath, across from the library. This is how it looked when we bought the place: Continue reading “Progress in the Powder – Part 1”