Hildring House Bathroom Renovation: the Beginning

Remodeling & Design / Sunday, February 18th, 2018
Bathroom Renovation: the Beginning

We are very lucky to have an abundance of bathrooms at Hildring House- one for the grandboys, one for the mister, one for me, and a powder for guests. The powder is pretty – I love it very much:

Powder Bath full view
Photo by Trey Freeze

We talked about it in a prior posts. (Dan kibitzing again – you can find that post here.)  The master has a 1980’s makeover that is in need of an update. But it’s functional and, now that it’s been painted, tolerable. Now, however, in Debra’s Domain at Hildring House, it’s time for a full-on Bathroom Renovation: the Beginning.

The very small (35 square feet!) bath in Debra’s Domain is the next Hildring House project. I know, we never finished the last project..but that’s the way renovations go sometimes. The outdoor reveal will have to wait a while. So for now- onward with Bathroom Renovation: the Beginning.

Dreams and Inspiration

I am still in the planning phase – my hope is that a really good plan will eliminate most of the surprises and speed things along once we get started. So this post is all about the planning process. Let’s start with the dreams:

Vintage tub, gorgeous vanity and a WINDOW from EST Living
From Domino. Love the brass hardware and this vanity is at least 48″… lovely
Wow. That vanity! The mirrors…. so much gorgeousness. From House & Garden UK

Now back to reality.

Waking Up From the Dreams

Thirty five square feet. And budget. I hate that B word.

The goal is to keep renovation costs to $200 a square foot. That’s a pretty tight budget. Luckily my darling son will do the demolition for love and dinner so that’s one expense we can subtract from the equation.

Hudson Valley Harper

I purchased a gorgeous light on sale a few years ago, knowing that I’d find a home for it someday. I only have the one, so it will have to go sideways over the vanity mirror.




Also some time back, I picked up something like this:

Source unknown- Pinterest

It’s about 5 feet tall and I found it at the Restoration Hardware outlet for under $200. So the metal finishes for this bath are set as brass. While I love mixing metals, this room is so small that I think I want to stay consistent.

I thought that the floor decision had been made because I had enough marble left over from SoMoToHo project to do the floor if the tub stays.

It’s pretty tile and hopefully I’ll find a use for it someday!

The plumber says the tub should go. So I don’t have enough tile, after all. To be honest, this does not break my heart – switching to a shower with glass doors will make the space seem larger. However, this will impact the budget… so allowances must be made. (heavy sigh)

First Decision

So the decision I’m trying to make at the moment:

Serene and Monocramatic:

sarah sherman samuel
lifeasmama (original source unknown)

Hmmm, are you seeing the common feature? A window.

But that’s not an option in this bath. Even though there is an outside wall, it’s on the front of the house and adding a window would throw off the balance out front.

PLUS it costs a lot of $$$$$ to add a window (budget!). I am hoping to be able to add a solar tube or skylight of some sort to get a little natural light in the space.  Better than nothing.

Another design option is the bold bath:

Lonny magazine- I’ve loved this bath for a long time… the tile reminds me of some wonderful vacations
onekingslane.com blue and white is a nice classic combo, but this wallpaper really shakes it up
my domaine keeping the drama on the floor. I love this one.
lonny magazine-I’m a fan of the fish 🙂
marcusdesigninc I love the soft neutrals with bold floor tile
HGTV I love green. This is pretty bold, but it’s also only on painted surfaces – so easy(ish) to change
Withthebarretts.com from the SoMoToHo… my plumber did not love installing this sink.

Another option – the classic black and white bath

instagram- source unknown

So many options! I wish I could tell you there was a clear front runner, but the truth is, I love them all. I see a lot more bathroom design posts coming your way very soon. Hopefully, there will be a garden or travel post to break it all up so you don’t get too tired of hearing about #thelittlestbath.



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