Hildring House – And It Continues


When I finished assembling the photos for this post, only one of them was even close to what Debra would consider “pretty,” so I decided to supplement with a couple of travel pictures, as I often do. I ran across the shot below from a trip to Puerto Rico a few years ago. If memory serves, it’s a church on the square in Ponce, taken about thirty minutes before sundown. Puerto Rico 2012 132.JPG

A nice play of light, don’t you think? Now, let’s go take a look at the progress at Hildring House.

Here is the shot I thought might qualify as pretty – Effie inspecting the floor tiles in the soon-to-be laundry room:

2017-01-22 11.15.14.jpg

We think that this floor will be fantastic, and Effie seems to approve.

The craters necessitated by the plumbing modifications have been re-filled with concrete.

2017-01-22 11.20.18.jpg

2017-01-22 11.20.51.jpg

And conduit has been run for a gas line to the kitchen:

2017-01-20 15.28.11.jpg

The gas meter is at the opposite end of the house. Rather than trench around the foundation, Shawn and the plumbers opted to run the line through the attic. Much more efficient. The reason that someone would build a house, supply it with gas, and not run lines to the kitchen and fireplace completely eludes me. But that’s what they did with this house. – (By the way, they’ll be able to tee off of the line in the attic and run a line to the fireplace so next winter we’ll have gas logs burning. Yes, I know that there are some wood-burning purists out there. I’m not one of them. I really like the convenience and cleanliness of gas logs.) –

Remember how I told you that the doorways between the kitchen and the library/dining area and mother-in-law suite were going to be enlarged? The next pics show that being accomplished.

Here’s the view matching the post linked above:

2017-01-26 12.16.12.jpg
Much more open – easier flow, easier to breathe.

A lot of what’s happening now is electrical. Moving walls and augmenting doorways means that new switches have to be installed and old ones have to be moved:

2017-01-26 12.18.56.jpg

The boxes for the wall washers on the vault wall have been set –

2017-01-26 12.17.07.jpg

And wiring from cut-outs for new cans in the hallway dangle from the ceiling:

2017-01-26 12.19.25.jpg

Of course, the new laundry room requires a lot of new wires, color-coded, to boot!

2017-01-26 12.18.04.jpg

I’ll close with another photo from that Puerto Rico trip:

Puerto Rico 2012 048.JPG

This is taken atop the wall fortifying Old San Juan. The gate is out of view, off to the left. The pier that you see at the bottom left is a pretty special place. One day in March, some years before this picture was taken, Debra and I got married at the end of that pier. You’d think they would put up a plaque or something commemorating the event but, as far as I know, they never have.

Debra has made her appliance choices; the flooring has been ordered; we’re painting poster boards with samples of colors. Stick around! Things are about to get really interesting!

Thanks so much for reading.

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