Nautical to Nice – Fin – Happy Holidays


The tree this year in Sundance Square, downtown Fort Worth, is a lovely 56′ spruce. Even during the daytime, it cuts a fine figure.


The tenants at our formerly-nautical rental have moved in and are getting ready for Christmas. They were kind enough to let me get a few pictures to show the progress and just how much difference it makes to have someone living in and caring for a property.

2016-11-26 15.04.34.jpg

This picture shows the entryway, looking through the family room and the kids’ playroom out into the back yard. In addition to the new paint and flooring, check the new light fixture in the entry.

2016-11-26 15.04.56.jpg

The family room looking into the kitchen. Continuing the flooring into the kitchen and dining room really opens up the space and creates a nice flow. Clean, contemporary light fixtures help, too.

2016-11-26 15.05.50.jpg

The cloud light fixture in the baby’s room is much more appropriate than the fake-antique-brass ceiling fan and is easy to change, if this tenant leaves. Allowing and even encouraging taste-specific alterations helps this house feel like a home, not just a place to stay.

2016-11-26 15.06.31.jpg

As you can see, the older boy is all about everything super hero. Spiderman curtains, Captain America blanket, and Iron Man glove on the dresser.

2016-11-26 15.07.05.jpg

The new light fixture in the dining room brings it into this century. Next, we’ll step into the dining room and look around at the family room and the kitchen.

2016-11-26 15.07.23.jpg

2016-11-26 15.07.38.jpg

I don’t know if you remember the bulky old fluorescent fixture that used to be in the kitchen but getting rid of it, changing the floors, and painting out the nautical blue make this look like a completely different space. (That link will take you back to the first post so that you can see the differences throughout the house.) The next two pics show the playroom – light, bright, and full of toys, as it should be.

2016-11-26 15.08.44.jpg

2016-11-26 15.09.02.jpg

Like I said, they’re getting ready for Christmas: the tree has gone up in the TV room at the front of the home.

2016-11-26 15.04.12.jpg

As I mentioned last time, Debra and I are about to begin another major renovation. Those posts will start soon but perhaps not until after the first of the year. Until then, to our tenants and to all of you, for whom we are grateful, indeed – the very best wishes for a joyful, peaceful, and fulfilling holiday season.

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