Nautical to Nice – Chapter 2 – A Foundational Endeavor


Any structure has to have a good foundation.The foundation for Inchcolm Abbey on the Firth of Forth has kept most of the structure standing for over a thousand years.

Scotland 2011 024 (52).JPG

The one for our new rental property had significant problems, so the first step was to rectify that situation. The excavation necessary was both interior and exterior and required lifting one corner of the slab a full 4″.

2016-10-20 11.25.28.jpg

2016-10-20 11.25.37.jpg

2016-10-20 11.26.06.jpg
You can see the head and shoulders of one of the workers

2016-10-20 11.27.27.jpg

2016-10-20 11.27.49.jpg

2016-10-20 11.27.53.jpg

It’s good that the floors were going to have to be replaced, anyway. And patching the holes in  slab gave the tenants an opportunity to put their mark on the new concrete:

2016-10-21 08.43.16.jpg

About the same time as the foundation work was being completed, the painting started. Remember the nautical turquoise in the playroom and master bedroom? Even a single coat of primer helped immensely.

2016-10-23 14.15.49.jpg

2016-10-23 14.16.47.jpg

We’ve always said that nothing makes quite the dramatic difference as a fresh coat of paint but flooring comes close. So it’s out with the old –

2016-10-23 14.18.09.jpg

And in with the new –

2016-10-24 14.24.14.jpg

Most of the house went from old linoleum to new, high-quality laminate – perfect for the two active boys that will be living here.

2016-10-25 08.43.38.jpg
View from the front door through the family room and play room into the back yard.
2016-10-27 15.40.53.jpg
Dining room with new floor and paint but before the new light fixture.

The trees in the back yard were trimmed up and the stump removed. Now there is more light and the outdoor play area for the kiddos is shaping up.

2016-10-25 15.42.00.jpg

2016-10-25 15.42.44.jpg

The large play room looks so much better painted with Benjamin Moore Cloud Cover.

2016-10-27 15.40.38.jpg

And Debra thought that painting the closet doors in the boys’ bedrooms with chalkboard paint would be a nice touch:

2016-10-27 15.48.27.jpg

The place is really coming along. The new occupants are moving in before all of the work is completed but I’ll be able to post some more pics as things progress.

We’ll also be starting a new, major renovation quite soon. It’ll be lots of fun, I promise, and we’re pretty excited about it. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

Thanks for reading! We really appreciate it.


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