Nautical to Nice – a New Rental Property Project

Remodeling & Design / Friday, October 7th, 2016

Wow – seems like forever since I’ve blogged about Chrysalis Casa stuff. We’ve taken a couple of months break, traveling some and thinking about our next project. The 1985 movie “The Goonies” was filmed around Cannon Beach, Oregon. This pic is of Haystack Rock, it’s most iconic natural feature:

2016-09-28 07.23.33ed.jpg

The only relevance to this post is that it’s on the Pacific coast, which brings to mind things nautical which, in turn, reminds me of a rental property that we’re in the process of rehabbing. You’ll see why in a minute. Here is a shot of the exterior:


And another from a slightly different angle:


Since this place sits over 300 miles from the nearest coastline, you might question my nautical reference. Before you even get into the house, though, it starts.


Apparently, the previous owner had a thing for the sea. There will be more, I promise.

Walking past the aquamarine  mailbox, cutely festooned with seashells, you notice that the front door is painted to evoke blue water.This theme will be repeated.

The blue indoor-outdoor carpet on the threshold is a nice touch, don’t you think?


Blue is definitely the color of the day. Just inside the front door, there is a formal living space that you can see to the right in the picture above and on the left in the pic below.


The carpet in this room – while it might not be my choice of colors – is in really good shape. The family that will be occupying this house (yes, having a tenant before you even buy the place is decidedly convenient) includes a young man who is wild about the color of this carpet. So, with parental permission, we’ll just re-stretch it and leave it in place.

Notice the light fixture on the wall – classic ’60s:


So retro it’s kind of cool, right?

Moving on into the family room, try to imagine the blue carpet gone and high-quality laminate on the floors.


The plan is for the laminate to extend into the kitchen and dining area, as well as the hallway leading to the bedrooms. Here is the kitchen:


and the dining area:


Remember the nautical theme? Right – with all of the blue on the floors and walls, how could you forget? Well, just in case you need a refresher, check out the landscapes incorporated into the tile in the kitchen.


And, just in case you were in any doubt about how much these folks were enamored of this motif, there are the light switches:


Enough? Well, not quite. There is an enclosed porch, which will make a wonderful play area for the kiddos, that really has the aqua theme going on. You can also catch a glimpse of the fan light kit that has a definite nautical flavor.


You get the whole fan in the next picture, which also shows that the ceiling of the playroom is covered with cup hooks. These have been the source of significant speculation. Debra suggested that the whole place was hung with fishing nets. I suspect that she is right.


The extra bedrooms were exempted from the blue carpet requirement.


But not from the ’60s swag light phenomenon.


You may also notice an angled stress crack emanating from the corner of the door frame visible in the upper right-hand corner of the picture above. That indicates foundation problems, which certainly exist, and the repair of which will be the subject of future posts. Yes, it’s a significant cost but it all goes into the budget (and is a consideration in the purchase price of the property). Besides, transforming properties is what we do. Sometimes, foundation work is just part of the process. P1020230.JPG

Peer through the almost overwhelming turquoise and blue of the master bedroom and you notice that there is an en suite bath. And here is the guest bath:


The foil wallpaper – while probably of more recent vintage than much of the other decor – still has to go.

A look out the back door – from the playroom – shows that, while things are a bit overgrown, there are mature oak and cypress trees which will bring lots of welcome shade during the Texas summers.


Debra and I are purchasing this home as a rental property, but that is no reason not to bring to it the same care, taste, and attention that go into every transition that we accomplish. Although I poke fun at the nautical theme (good naturedly, I hope), this decor brought pleasure to the person living with it. This home was built in 1964 and has had but a single owner. It was cared for; it was loved. Our goal is to transform it into a place where a new family will be comfortable and safe and happy. Because that’s what living spaces should be.

To close, here are a couple more shots of the front of the house, showing that the trees surround it, shading and protecting it.



We hope you’ll join us for this transformation. It’s oh-so-much-better when you come along.

Thanks for reading!


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