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Remodeling & Design / Sunday, August 16th, 2015

IMG_2545We found a bulb for the light fixture, so it’s no longer sculpture. It’s a 7w LED, so it uses almost no electricity but it lights the crepe quite nicely.

IMG_2547And, speaking of lights, we had one of those odd, late ’80s transformer spotlights in the center of the room that we’re using as the dining room. Debra has been mulling over what to put there for months. This weekend, she and a friend went shopping and she came home with a fixture. So.

IMG_2554The first step was to remove the spot and ensure that the box was securely affixed to the ceiling joist. Atypically, it was. No extra screws required.

The next step was to hang the new fixture. The pic below isn’t an optical illusion; the chain really does extend from ceiling to nearly the floor. IMG_2555 Since the spot was located in the actual structural center of the room, without reference to the use that might be made of it, the light would be off-center of the table. Rather than try to relocate the box, which would be a lot more trouble and expense than it was worth, we decided to swag the chain and put the chandelier where we needed it. IMG_2557The pic above shows the results of the swagging. As a reminder, here is a shot of the dining room when the process began: dining

And here is one showing the new chandelier illuminating the table: IMG_2560One more step in the process completed. Much better, don’t you think?

Kitchen update: the cabinet guy is meeting with our contractor, the fabulous Shawn Cowdin, next week to hammer out the schedule. Once that is done, demo will begin. Once that begins, I think we’ll leave town for a while.

Even though this is the end of the post posting, I’ll still keep you posted. Thanks for coming along!

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