Montserrat Barcelona – Today’s Lagniappe

By the time this posts, we will be on our way to another part of Spain – Madrid and Seville and surrounds. But if you ever find yourself headed to Barcelona, do take the time to go to Montserrat (not talking about the Caribbean Island here, folks). The monastery, the Black Madonna, the cable car, the views!

Montserrat - BarcelonaSo. See you in a couple of weeks – but stay tuned to Instagram and Facebook!

Love life, love each other, and keep coming on adventures With the Barretts!

Springtime in Fort Worth – Today’s Laigniappe

It’s springtime in Fort Worth! The weather has been pretty great the last few days – chilly mornings warming to mild afternoons and evenings, perfect for al fresco dining. I know it won’t last; I know that before long the Texas heat will bear down with a vengeance. But for now, it’s really nice.

I was driving the other day and spotted this house in a west side subdivision:

Springtime Fort Worth


From the dogwood on the near right to the new growth on the Japanese maple on the far right to the azaleas in the front bed to the new leaves on the live oaks pushing out the old, the scene just seemed to be celebrating spring.

I hope Mother Nature is being kind to you, wherever you are. Thanks for reading and coming along on the adventures With the Barretts!

Shades of White

I was talking to a friend yesterday about paint colors – specifically the white that she was considering for her exterior trim and how it related to the exterior color she chose. Even though Debra is the color expert in our duo, I know enough to know that “white” isn’t just white. A couple of sights on my walk with Effie this morning brought that discussion to mind:

Debra says that she could write volumes about white but one of the designers that she follows, Maria Killam, has already done that – and quite well. You can find a post from her on the subject here. Debra says that Maria has a whole book available called “White is Complicated” because, well, it is!

Colors provide depth and definition and interest to life. And, like life, they’re not simple but they are oh, so worth the effort when done well.

We hope that you enjoy our adventures in color and in life – thanks for coming along With the Barretts!

The Antique Menagerie – Animal Kingdom Lagniappe to Start Your Week

Debra went to the Fort Worth Art & Antique Show and snapped a few pics of some of the critters she saw there. It’s a little Animal Kingdom Lagniappe for your Monday morning.

Stuffed Leopard Continue reading “The Antique Menagerie – Animal Kingdom Lagniappe to Start Your Week”