Lagniappe for Fathers’ Day Weekend

Some might think that roses are more appropriate for Mothers’ Day than for Fathers’ Day. I think that beauty, in whatever form, is for everyone and is appropriate for every occasion. So here is a little Lagniappe for Fathers’ Day Weekend.

Hildring House Roses
Did you forget?

Now, if you’ve forgotten that Fathers’ Day is this weekend and you’re all “Oh, no! What should I do for my dad?” Speaking as a father (and a grandfather), I can say with authority: Quit freaking out. You’ve got this.

All your dad really wants is to know that you thought of him – hopefully kindly, hopefully with something like gratitude. And, usually, he hopes to be worthy of those thoughts.

If he’s not worthy of those thoughts or doesn’t want to be – and there are those who aren’t and don’t seem to – find someone who is and wish him “Happy Fathers’ Day!” By caring enough to try, he’s helping make the world a better place.

My dad died a couple of years ago. He cared and he tried and I think of him – kindly and with gratitude – every day. And I believe that, somehow, somewhere, and on some level, he knows it. I’m pretty sure it makes him smile. I know it does me.

Even if you’re not a dad and even if your dad doesn’t deserve kind thoughts or gratitude, I hope your weekend is peaceful and pleasant and all you want it to be.


Wednesday’s Lagniappe – Stockholm Alleyways

Stockholm is a lovely, bustling, vibrant city. The old town – Gamla stan – is situated on an island that offers winding narrow streets clad in smooth cobbles and iconic buildings, some dating from the 13th century. Sometimes you can wander these medieval Stockholm Alleyways – alone in the hush of early morning and imagine yourself in a different time. Here are a couple of pics of just such a time and place. They’re this Wednesday’s lagniappe.

Gamla stan passagewayStockholm AlleywayWherever your travels take you today – literally or figuratively – I wish you peace and success in all your endeavors. And remember: from here to the weekend is all downhill!

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Tuesday Lagniappe – Trees at Carmel By The Sea

Happy Tuesday! As we draw the Merry Month of May to a close, I thought I’d share a couple of shots of trees from Carmel By The Sea – just a little something extra for your week. Hope your June is all you want it to be and the start of a wonderful summer.

Twisted trees on the beach
Twisted trees on the beach
Windswept Trees
Windswept Trees

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Wednesday Lagniappe – Casa Pilatos Bougainvillea, Seville

Debra and Casa Pilatos Bougainvillea
Debra and Casa Pilatos Bougainvillea

It’s Wednesday afternoon in Fort Worth, threatening rain – or, since this is Texas, after all, perhaps I should say “promising rain.” I’m thinking about our recent trip to Seville and the spectacular bougainvillea at Casa Pilatos, a lovely palace that we stumbled across on a beautiful spring morning. So here is your Wednesday lagniappe: Debra, flowers, beautiful architecture – three of my favorite things in one of my favorite places.

We’ll be back soon with more remodeling posts, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I hope this little something extra helps boost your week.

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The Little Princess & Debra – Tuesday’s Lagniappe

Budapest is a wonderful city – or two cities, which it was until the mid-nineteenth century. The Little Princess is on the Pest side, watching over the promenade by the banks of the Danube, not far from the Elisabeth Bridge. She is a little girl – 6 or 7, perhaps 8 – dressed as a Princess, although in truth she is easy to mistake for a fancifully dressed little boy. She strives to be regal but there is no mistaking her nature – full of energy and mischief. Just after a rain shower one late August afternoon, I snapped this picture of Debra in front of her. It’s Tuesday’s lagniappe.

Little Princess & DebraHer knees are polished by countless hands of passersby, hoping for a little luck. Who knows? Maybe she’ll grant their wishes – or at least some of them. Though her face remains inscrutable, you can almost see the glint in her eye.

May the rest of your week be full of beauty and, perhaps, a little mischief.

Lagniappe from Seville – A Bit of Plaza de Espana

We’re back from Spain! It was a lovely trip that will make for several future travel posts. While we’re smoothing out our jet lag and evaluating changes at Hildring House (update post coming soon), I thought a little lagniappe to start the weekend was in order.

Here is a shot from Seville of the central structure of Plaza de España – a phenomenal site constructed for the 1929 Ibero-American Exposition Worlds Fair. (It’s so exotic that they also filmed scenes from one of the Star Wars movies here.)

Plaza de Espana 1Have a great weekend – and thanks for coming along on adventures With the Barretts!