Shades of White

Lagniappe, Remodeling & Design / Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

I was talking to a friend yesterday about paint colors – specifically the white that she was considering for her exterior trim and how it related to the exterior color she chose. Even though Debra is the color expert in our duo, I know enough to know that “white” isn’t just white. A couple of sights on my walk with Effie this morning brought that discussion to mind:

Debra says that she could write volumes about white but one of the designers that she follows, Maria Killam, has already done that – and quite well. You can find a post from her on the subject here. Debra says that Maria has a whole book available called “White is Complicated” because, well, it is!

Colors provide depth and definition and interest to life. And, like life, they’re not simple but they are oh, so worth the effort when done well.

We hope that you enjoy our adventures in color and in life – thanks for coming along With the Barretts!

2 Replies to “Shades of White”

  1. You are so right, Dan. In our old house in RCCE, I originally picked whites that were way too close to each other for the walls and trim. I just didn’t get it. So when we redecorated that house, I found a taupy color called Pismo Dunes for the walls. Made a nice contrast with our baseboards. We also painted the ceiling the taupy color and boy did trim at the top pop. In our new lakehouse the color we struggled with gray. There are many shades of gray (no connection to the book LOL) . Fun post.

    1. Thanks, Marsha. You could say that gray is just a white on its way to black – and there are a lot of steps between the two! Thanks for reading!

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