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Remodeling & Design / Sunday, June 21st, 2015
2014-09-06 London
Hyde Park, London

Debra got this great shot with her phone using her Instagram account and who-knows-what filters in Hyde Park, London, last year. When this post actually appears on the blog (automatically at a pre-arranged time, by virtue of computer magic), we likely will be in London on vacation with the new owners of this house:2015-06-05 00.38.27 This home is in a great area of town – cozy neighborhood feel and bungalows like this one just bursting with potential. Debra sold it to some good friends of ours (we’re traveling together, so they’re not just good friends – they’re compatible friends) and we’ll be helping them with the transition from cute-with-potential to cute-and-fantastic. We thought we’d give you an advance look at the “before” pics. 2015-06-05 02.51.37This little side porch presents lots of options. It might be enclosed to expand the living space. It might be enhanced as a place to sip cool drinks and watch the world pass. We’ll just have to see.

2015-06-05 02.53.07Real wood floors offer a great foundation for developing the living areas into special spaces. And there’s nothing at all offensive about the color choices, so immediate painting is not an absolute necessity. 2015-06-05 02.54.30Nice light in the bedrooms and the wood extends throughout the house. 2015-06-05 02.55.13I foresee eventual structural changes in the kitchen and dining areas but, again, nothing that simply must be done now. The baths, well, they need work. 2015-06-05 02.54.12But you can see that there has been some imagination already functioning here. I don’t think it’s judging to call this unique:2015-06-05 02.57.31One of the most exciting aspects of this house is the room available for expansion and addition. Some very nice things can happen here.2015-06-05 02.59.02And expanding the house will not threaten adequate yard space. Not a bit.2015-06-05 02.58.43So, stay tuned. We’ll get back to the SoMoToHo in the next post but we’ll be visiting the Cute House Transformation more in the future, as well.

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