A Work in Process – The SoMoToHo Family Room

Remodeling & Design / Sunday, July 19th, 2015
Scotland 2011 024
Inchcolm Abbey

Whether you have one, two, three, or more “living areas” in a house, in order for it to be a home, at least one of them has to focus on comfort. The beautiful ruin (11th century) in the picture above is part of the Abbey on Inchcolm Island in the Firth of Forth in Scotland. Touring the Abbey, Debra and I tried to imagine (without resort to the printed guide or the placards – that’s cheating) what each of the spaces might have been used for . The room below might have been where the monks hung out, kicked back, played cards, caught a few Zs. Scotland 2011 024 (34)Or maybe not. In the SoMoToHo, we decided to use this room for that purpose: 2014-10-19 21.40.20Here is a view from the other end, looking toward the fireplace, dining room, etc.:

Debra and Effie discussing replacing the carpet with hardwoods.
Debra and Effie discuss replacing the carpet with hardwoods.

Running the hardwoods into the entire 1st floor was the first thing we did when we bought the SoMoToHo, even before painting the exterior. Since the carpet in this room and the Master Down was in good shape and not at all offensive, we were able to salvage it for use in two of the upstairs rooms (which we’ll talk about in later posts). Here is what the family room looked like sans carpet, with hardwoods.

Nothing like a Christmas Tree to brighten up a space.
Nothing like a Christmas Tree to brighten up a space.

Once the walls and trim received their new paint and the new windows were in, the room really began to show promise. 2015-01-10 02.02.21 The next pic was during the window shade and curtain rod hanging adventure. With the soft furnishings and despite the hideous ceiling fan, it’s beginning to take shape as a place to watch TV and relax. 2015-02-15 01.40.15 The next three show what you might call the “interim final stage”: It’s not quite finished (like the bricks missing from the fireplace wall where the really awkward mantle came out). Furniture likely will change and will be rearranged and finishing touches are lacking  but it’s serviceable and comfortable and attractive. IMG_2517 IMG_2526


Lest we forget, however, the real purpose of a Family Room: IMG_2532Next up: we begin the kitchen reno. Thanks for reading! We really appreciate it.

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