SoMoToHo – Before & After – Installment Two

It’s time to step inside the SoMoToHo and show some pics of the interior transformation. Again, thanks to Trey Freeze for his lovely photographs and thanks to Shawn Cowdin for his help in bringing about this metamorphosis. So – without further ado and in no particular order, here we go.

2015-03-05 18.01.08.jpg
En suite bath in the upstairs master.
After – same aspect.
5517 Byers-36.jpg
After – photo by Trey Freeze
master up.jpg
Upstairs Master – before
5517 Byers-34.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-35.jpg
View from the en suite into the Master up. Photo by Trey Freeze
Office – before
5517 Byers-32.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
nook desk.jpg
Upstairs office nook – before
5517 Byers-31.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
2014-10-19 20.30.48.jpg
Stairway – before
5517 Byers-30.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
2015-01-26 00.28.52.jpg
Downstairs Master en suite – before
5517 Byers-27.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
Downstairs Master en suite – looking in from the bedroom
2014-10-19 20.38.18.jpg
Downstairs Master – before – this carpet was moved upstairs into the office.
5517 Byers-25.jpg
Downstairs Master after – photo by Trey Freeze
2014-10-19 20.18.45.jpg
Powder Bath – before
5517 Byers-24.jpg
Powder After – photo by Trey Freeze

We’ll continue our tour of the SoMoToHo interior in the next post – I hope you’ll come along for the rest – we love sharing this journey.

Thanks for reading!

SoMoToHo Waterworks Continued – The Downstairs Master Bath

The two pics below are from a 2011 trip to Ireland. The first is just pretty – from the village of Howth outside of Dublin. The second is the beginning of the Liffey Swim, an annual event that began in 1920 and has evolved into a big-damned-deal, as you can tell by the number of folks lined up to take the chilly September plunge.

Ireland 2011 091 (38).JPG

Ireland 2011 098 (17).JPG

The next project at the SoMoToHo is the en suite bath for the master bedroom downstairs. It is the largest bath in the house and the one that Debra was most excited about transforming. Since it’s a significant project and since we have some other time-consuming stuff going on, we’ve once again enlisted the help of Shawn Cowdin to act as our contractor. He’s reliable and conscientious and attentive to detail and, while he isn’t shy about making design suggestions, he understands and – most importantly – doesn’t try to change Debra’s vision.

Here are a couple of before pics: Continue reading “SoMoToHo Waterworks Continued – The Downstairs Master Bath”

LOAP Alpha – Pics by the Pros

In the last post, I mentioned that we were going to have some professional pictures taken of the LOAP Alpha. As you know, we typically have Trey Freeze do our professional shots. Trey was too busy (as many truly talented people are) to take the Alpha pics on the schedule that we needed, so we asked Matrix Tours to do the job. And a fine job they did. So here they are – let me know what you think! And, if you’re in the market for a spectacularly renovated 3/2/2 in west Fort Worth for an eminently reasonable price, give us a shout. We’d be tickled for this to be your new home!

Living Room
Living looking toward front door
Going from living into kitchen/dining
Kitchen from the dining area
Dining area from the kitchen
One of my favorite angles
Hall bath – a total transformation
“Blue room” – see, I told you the mirrored closet would show up
Middle bedroom looking toward the hall
Master bedroom – on the front of the house
Master looking toward the hall and the en suite bath
En suite bath in the Master
The first of a few of the back yard – great space and great potential
See what I mean?
Big – like, room-sized – storage shed


Welcome Home
Really – welcome

That’s it for the LOAP Alpha. Thanks for going through this transition with us. It’s been fun – and gratifying. This home has lots of pleasure to give – it just had to be coaxed out of hiding.  Soon, we’ll do another LOAP – since Limitless Opportunities are Always Present!

Next, though, we’ll go back to the SoMoToHo, where things are hap-pen-ing. Hope you’ll come along!

LOAP Alpha – Crossing the Finish Line – from Fugly to Fantastic

2013-08-29 04.32.00.jpg

We did it – and reasonably close to budget, too. Here is the front as it looks currently:


And here is where it started:DSCN3557

So, let’s take a tour, shall we? Remember the living room? Continue reading “LOAP Alpha – Crossing the Finish Line – from Fugly to Fantastic”

A Little Spice in the Bath

Sometimes, trying to figure out what they were thinking is challenging. And so it was with the master bath in the mid-century ranch.may misc 033The bit of blue that you see is all there was – the remainder of the walls were a pinkish white. Perhaps they thought it was reminiscent of the azure skies of a Texas Spring.  The free-floating cabinet in the perfect position to bang one’s head was a storage solution, I suppose, but itself cries out for a solution. And the lonely little towel bar? Well, there is a bidet there, after all. Even though it’s not a common fixture in north central Texas, where there is a bidet, there should be a towel.

Like the rest of the house, the space in the master bath was more than adequate and, while maybe not ideal, the plumbing didn’t have to be rerouted. All in all, it had the potential for a pretty cost-effective redo. Continue reading “A Little Spice in the Bath”

The Evolution of the Master

Grandson & Effie
Grandson & Effie

They say to start with a hook, right? What’s a cuter hook than puppy dogs and little boys?

Actually, this is an “after” pic of the master bedroom at the mid-century ranch. As you’ll see later, I stenciled the wall between the bedroom and the en suite with a French poem that Debra found somewhere. You can see a bit of it behind and above to left of the world’s cutest grandbaby. Continue reading “The Evolution of the Master”