A Purpose for the Post (double entendre warning) – or SoMoToHo Numerology

Brugge 367Posts – the structural kind – are ubiquitous. They serve all kinds of purposes – often vertical support or lateral support or both. Or to function as light stands, like the one on a bridge in Amsterdam shown above. (The crown also tells you something about the ownership of the property where it’s located.)

At the SoMoToHo, we have a brick fencepost out front that serves a triple purpose – a terminus for a short brick fence, a light stand, and a spot for displaying the address numbers. Here is what it looked like (circled in red) when we bought the house: Continue reading “A Purpose for the Post (double entendre warning) – or SoMoToHo Numerology”

Heart of the SoMoToHo – The Kitchen – Part One of Many

2014-09-16 09.43.29Historically, fire considerations dictated that the kitchen be separated from living quarters. The picture above shows cooking facilities in the Valley of the Kings, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. Here is another shot: 2014-09-16 09.40.59Primitive though these facilities may be, the food that came out of them was fantastic, proving that cosmetics is not everything. For the SoMoToHo, however, appearances are a more crucial consideration. Continue reading “Heart of the SoMoToHo – The Kitchen – Part One of Many”

A Work in Process – The SoMoToHo Family Room

Scotland 2011 024
Inchcolm Abbey

Whether you have one, two, three, or more “living areas” in a house, in order for it to be a home, at least one of them has to focus on comfort. The beautiful ruin (11th century) in the picture above is part of the Abbey on Inchcolm Island in the Firth of Forth in Scotland. Touring the Abbey, Debra and I tried to imagine (without resort to the printed guide or the placards – that’s cheating) what each of the spaces might have been used for . Continue reading “A Work in Process – The SoMoToHo Family Room”

Enhancing Boundaries – SoMoToHo Fencing Evolution

Fences – FullSizeRendera perennial design problem. Practically (and perhaps even legally) speaking, you can’t do without them. A practical necessity for privacy and, if your home has a pool, like the SoMoToHo, a legal requirement. (Most swimming pool ordinances even prohibit certain materials like chain link.) But as the cross vine-covered one above shows, a fence can also be an opportunity for natural enhancement.

The SoMoToHo doesn’t have an abundance of green space. Continue reading “Enhancing Boundaries – SoMoToHo Fencing Evolution”

Bits and Pieces – SoMoToHo Stream of Consciousness on Lights and Fans

2015-06-14 21.46.23I was looking at this painting by Tate Hamilton that we picked up at Main Street this year and the headlights reflected in the New York City rain made me start thinking about light. Which made me think about light fixtures. Which led to thinking about ceiling fans. Hey – it’s Sunday afternoon as I write and what are Sundays for if not abandoning structure for awhile?

Lighting plays a big part in virtually every real estate transformation and the SoMoToHo is no exception. Continue reading “Bits and Pieces – SoMoToHo Stream of Consciousness on Lights and Fans”