We Interrupt the SoMoToHo for a Cute House Alert

2014-09-06 London
Hyde Park, London

Debra got this great shot with her phone using her Instagram account and who-knows-what filters in Hyde Park, London, last year. When this post actually appears on the blog (automatically at a pre-arranged time, by virtue of computer magic), we likely will be in London on vacation with the new owners of this house:2015-06-05 00.38.27 This home is in a great area of town – cozy neighborhood feel and bungalows like this one just bursting with potential. Continue reading “We Interrupt the SoMoToHo for a Cute House Alert”

Come On In – First Phase of Entryway Transformation

IMG_0350It’s not just a means of ingress and egress. The entry to any home has a great deal to do with how anyone traversing it will feel about the space inside. The doorway above, for instance, in Carmel-by-the-Sea speaks of mystery and intimacy and comfort all at the same time. Very cool.

The SoMoToHo – not so much. Continue reading “Come On In – First Phase of Entryway Transformation”

Window Trappings – Part 2

2014-09-19 14.47.05cropLike I said in part 1, some windows don’t need accoutrements. These in the Tile Museum in Istanbul were stunning. No frippery needed here.

Pretty much all of the windows in the SoMoToHo, however, needed help. Remember the work we did in the Library? Here’s a pic, post paint and furnishings but pre- window dressing. 2015-02-27 23.19.27 Continue reading “Window Trappings – Part 2”

A Stair Story

Scotland 2011 023 (4)For all of our ingenuity, we haven’t yet figured out a more efficient method (in terms of cost, energy, and space) of changing vertical levels than by walking up and down stairs. This true whether you’re inside or out. The stairs above above are under the Forth Bridge in a forest bordering the Firth of Forth just outside Edinburgh, Scotland. Those below are from Kings Valley, Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkey. Continue reading “A Stair Story”

Window Trappings- part 1

2014-03-10 02.58.22Some windows are dramatic enough all on their own. These at Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, for instance, don’t need any accoutrements to increase their impact. In most homes, however, windows typically require enhancement. In the SoMoToHo, as in most residential applications, window treatments of some kind were not only desirable from a design standpoint but also necessary for privacy concerns. As importantly, we needed something to block the sun. Particularly in Texas, you can get too much of a good thing in a hurry when it comes to sunshine. Continue reading “Window Trappings- part 1”

It's the Little Things

Versailles fence post

Transforming a house involves lots of big things – changes that immediately shift one’s perception of the entire space. Exterior paint. Windows. Those kinds of things. But it’s the smaller things that add the flavor. Some, you might not even notice unless they were pointed out. The cap of moss and lichen stains on the concrete fence post (Versailles – 2009) above, for instance. Or more mundane things like this window sill: Continue reading “It's the Little Things”