Transformation Adventure


6844 Brants 001

This house will keep out the wind, rain, heat, and cold. With a little vision, though, it can be much more.

6844 Brants After 001

Even before the landscaping, this house went from just shelter to a place you want to live.

Almost any house can be transformed from simply shelter to a place for living. Debra and I love making that transformation happen. She provides the creative and design genius; I provide an occasional good idea (and lots of not-so-good ones), some labor, and a lot of enthusiasm. (Never underestimate the power of enthusiasm!)


Recognizing potential, listening to your imagination, having faith in the process and your abilities, and staying within budget – that’s the challenge and adventure of transforming spaces.

Watch some of these transformations with us. Share your ideas; let us know what you think of our work. It’ll be a blast!


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