Hildring House – Remodeling & Design Progress Report

Remodeling & Design Progress Continues

It’s the beginning of summer and that brings with it a lot of family activities. You might think that would mean that progress comes to a halt on the remodeling & design efforts at Hildring House. Nope. They’ve slowed, somewhat, but certainly haven’t stopped. A lot of what is going on now involves tweaking, though. You remember the shelves in the library. We’re still rearranging but I think they’re looking quite nice, don’t you?

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SoMoToHo – Before and After – Fin

We’re continuing our interior look at the transformation of the SoMoToHo. Everything is going smoothly with the sale and shortly this home will belong to someone else. We hope that they will love it as much as we have loved creating it.

Let’s start in the library:

2014-10-19 22.01.20.jpg

5517 Byers-6.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze


2014-10-19 22.01.00.jpg

5517 Byers-4.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-5.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

Now we move on to the dining area.

dining to family.jpg

5517 Byers-10.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

2014-10-19 21.37.40.jpg

5517 Byers-7.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-9.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

Here are a few of the family room:

2014-10-19 21.40.32.jpg
Debra and Effie contemplating what to do with this space.
5517 Byers-14.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-15.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-17.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

And now for the kitchen:

2014-10-19 21.38.46.jpg

5517 Byers-18.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
2014-10-19 21.38.56.jpg
Effie was skeptical
5517 Byers-20.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-19.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-22.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze
5517 Byers-23.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

I’ll close with another shot of the exterior, just to say goodbye with.

5517 Byers-51.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

We’re very proud of the way this transformation turned out – I’m a lucky guy to be married to someone with Debra’s vision. We don’t know yet what the next project will be but, whatever it is, I hope you’ll come along with us – you make it much more fun!

Thanks for reading – see you next time!

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SoMoToHo – Pretty Pictures

This is just a picture post. We recently asked the inimitable Trey Freeze to take some shots of the kitchen, powder, and library at the SoMoToHo. I thought you might like to see them. My camera work just doesn’t do justice to Debra’s vision. Trey’s conveys it much better. Hope you like them.

5517 Byers-1.jpg
Photo by Trey Freeze

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Window Trappings – Part 2

2014-09-19 14.47.05cropLike I said in part 1, some windows don’t need accoutrements. These in the Tile Museum in Istanbul were stunning. No frippery needed here.

Pretty much all of the windows in the SoMoToHo, however, needed help. Remember the work we did in the Library? Here’s a pic, post paint and furnishings but pre- window dressing. 2015-02-27 23.19.27 Continue reading “Window Trappings – Part 2”

SoMoToHo Library Transformation Part 2

2015-01-24 23.09.03There’s that bit of wallpaper wrapping the light switch plate that we briefly considered leaving as a reminder of just how ghastly this room was when we started. That kind of kitsch can work sometimes. Not this time. We decided to go decidedly decorative with Legrand adorne. The wiring in the SoMoToHo is bizarre, as I’ve found is often the case in our transformations, particularly where dimmers are involved. (A pet peeve of mine – designers are mad about rheostats. I hate them.) As  you can see by the round dimmer switch in the picture above, that was the case here. So, it took a lot of this: Continue reading “SoMoToHo Library Transformation Part 2”

SoMoToHo Library Transformation in Progress

Those of you who followed the transformation of the mid-century modern may recall how Debra and I love dedicating some space to books and reading – a library, a spot to relax without electronic distraction (e-books excepted, of course). In the SoMoToHo, we knew immediately which space that would be.

2014-10-19 22.01.00This room is to the right, immediately as you enter the house, sunken about 6″ below the foundation grade (why, I have absolutely no idea). In another configuration, it might have been an office – you know, if they had separated it with nice french doors and built in some bookcases or a credenza. As it is, there is no separation. The original intended purpose of the room was a mystery until Debra was able to find some old listing photos that showed it furnished as a dining room. Continue reading “SoMoToHo Library Transformation in Progress”