A Quick Trip to Lille – Travel Lagniappe

A Quick Trip to Lille, France

A couple of years ago while on a trip to Ghent and The Hague with some dear friends, we decided to hop on the train and take a quick trip to Lille, France, right across the border with Belgium. Come along with us for a bit of travel lagniappe, won’t you?


Tower in LilleThe architecture in Lille has a Flemish flair and, like most small towns in France, charm to spare. In fairness, though, Lille is not all that small. It’s the fifth largest urban area in France with over a million people living in the vicinity. The city, itself, claims nearly a quarter of that number. You can find some of the statistics here.

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24 Bits of Riga Art Nouveau Beauty

If you read the post about Tallinn, you already know the story about how we took a trip based upon a waiter’s recommendation. On that trip, we spent several days in Riga, Latvia and encountered unexpected and spectacular Art Nouveau beauty – lots of it. Let’s take a look.

Facade of the Hotel Neiburgs
Facade of the Hotel Neiburgs

The Hotel Neiburgs is a great place to start. This is a close-up of the facade. It promises pretty great things. And delivers, by the way. If you go to Riga, consider staying here. We did and loved it – wonderful, old-world service with a modern flair, a great breakfast included in our package, and walking convenience. No regrets. Here are a couple more shots of the front of the hotel:

Out into the City

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