Mid-80s Soft-Modern Townhouse Transformation

Our next project is a house that doesn’t fit neatly into any standard category. Debra calls it a “soft modern townhouse,” and that’s about as accurate as anything. SoMoToHo for short. Built in 1985, here is what it looked like when we found it:

exterior front 2 The 80s was a strange decade. Big hair. Shoulder pads. Bizarre color combinations. Pink and grey  was a big thing in the eighties and this house was born in 1985. Pink and grey cavorted inside and out. The brick was actually a rosier, more blushing shade of pink than it appears in this picture. The previous owners had recently replaced the roof with a 50-year synthetic slate that had nice tonal variation but, again, coupled with the pink brick, the whole thing fairly shouted Tears for Fears,Culture Club, and Wham! For those of you youngsters asking “Who?” – never mind. Just believe me that the 80s was a strange decade. Continue reading “Mid-80s Soft-Modern Townhouse Transformation”

Mid-Century Chrysalis – A Review of the Transformation

Not a lot of words to this post – just a photo slideshow review of the transformation of our mid-century ranch. Thanks for coming on this journey with us. More house transformation adventures are coming, so don’t be a stranger.

Wide Open Spaces

6844 Brants 002The living-dining combination in the mid-century ranch was a wonderful, wide-open expanse of wood flooring. The walls had a pinkish tone but that’s just paint and we were going to paint, anyway. I’ve heard some folks liken painting a room to an artist preparing a canvas with gesso. I don’t think that’s an apt analogy. The paint color sets the mood, the ambiance for the room. It’s visible all the time. It frames your furnishings.  And it communicates with the rest of the house. Continue reading “Wide Open Spaces”

A Little Spice in the Bath

Sometimes, trying to figure out what they were thinking is challenging. And so it was with the master bath in the mid-century ranch.may misc 033The bit of blue that you see is all there was – the remainder of the walls were a pinkish white. Perhaps they thought it was reminiscent of the azure skies of a Texas Spring.  The free-floating cabinet in the perfect position to bang one’s head was a storage solution, I suppose, but itself cries out for a solution. And the lonely little towel bar? Well, there is a bidet there, after all. Even though it’s not a common fixture in north central Texas, where there is a bidet, there should be a towel.

Like the rest of the house, the space in the master bath was more than adequate and, while maybe not ideal, the plumbing didn’t have to be rerouted. All in all, it had the potential for a pretty cost-effective redo. Continue reading “A Little Spice in the Bath”

The Evolution of the Master

Grandson & Effie
Grandson & Effie

They say to start with a hook, right? What’s a cuter hook than puppy dogs and little boys?

Actually, this is an “after” pic of the master bedroom at the mid-century ranch. As you’ll see later, I stenciled the wall between the bedroom and the en suite with a French poem that Debra found somewhere. You can see a bit of it behind and above to left of the world’s cutest grandbaby. Continue reading “The Evolution of the Master”

Quick Two-Room Re-Do

“What are we going to do with this room?” Debra asked as she stood in the middle bedroom of the mid-century ranch. 6844 Brants 024The walls were a light, sea-foam green, the carpet had seen better days. The sliding glass door leading to the deck had those vertical blinds, again. The ceiling fan was a $10 big box special. Nothing structurally wrong – just buffing and puffing and updating. Continue reading “Quick Two-Room Re-Do”