A SoMoToHo Update -Waterworks Improvements

2015-09-13 11.17.10.jpg

Water is the theme of today’s post – we’ve recently completed (or nearly completed) a couple of hydrology-related improvements at the SoHoToHo. In honor of those, I decided to post a pic of the fountains at the Summer Palace in St. Petersburg (although there is no telling what will appear to those of you seeing this on Facebook – just click and go to the WordPress site for the pic). Dancing fountains can be found many places, of course – Barcelona and Las Vegas come immediately to mind – but I found the obvious popularity of these (see the crowd gathered on the other side of the reservoir?) affecting. During the communist regime, these fountains were still and silent, the grounds and magnificent buildings used for storage. They’ve been beautifully restored and dance daily during the summer months to strains of classical music –  and to the delight of throngs of visitors, natives and tourists alike. It’s quite a sight.

But on to the SoMoToHo. Remember this?2014-10-19 20.29.47.jpg

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The Hole in the Ground

I confess to being ambivalent – in the true sense of the word; I feel strongly two ways – about swimming pools.

On the one hand, nothing enhances a back yard space more elegantly than a well-appointed pool. Add a water feature – a fountain or a waterfall, for instance – and you can have your own small slice of paradise. Here is a pool that we put in the back yard of a house that we built (as opposed to remodeled):

pool w flowers1smaller
(The rose mallow hibiscus blooms were as big as your face.)

On the other hand, pools literally are holes in the ground that you throw money in. Even if you hire a service to keep the chemicals in balance and perform periodic maintenance, they are a pain. They immediately add 20% to your electric bill and they are magnets for leaves, twigs, strange-looking bugs, and heaven forbid that you have crepe myrtles anywhere on your block. Continue reading “The Hole in the Ground”