Hildring House Adventure – Before & After – Part 1

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Before & After at Hildring House – Part 1

You never reach a point in home remodel and redesign where everything is “done.” There is always more that could be changed. Another tweak of paint or fabric or flooring, a different window treatment, an alternative furniture placement.

Hildering House full front

At Hildring House, almost everything has changed. Even if a room hasn’t completely changed, it hasn’t gone untouched.

But we’re at the stage where we have to say, “enough.”

I believe the transformation Debra brought about here at Hildring House is astonishing. So, let’s take a look at some before and after shots, shall we?

Front before
Facade Before
Front view after
Facade After

The first change you notice about the facade is the color, since it’s the most dramatic. As important, however, is the fact that you can see more of it. Removing the huge bushes standing guard at the front door and the scraggly hedges blocking the windows made a huge difference – inside and out.

But, wait! There is so much more. Let’s go take a look.

Front porch
The front porch is a welcoming space.

Before we go inside, I want to remind you that the aim of most of the renovations at Hildring House – aside from upgrading the finishes – was to open the space, not simply to encourage flow but also to capitalize upon the light from the large windows in the front living area – to flush the whole house with light. In addition to replacing several windows, we added two windows, increased the size of another, and added a full glass door and side panel in the master bedroom – all of which augmented the natural light.

By the way – unless otherwise indicated, all of the after pics are by Trey Freeze. If you’re familiar with our site, you’ll recognize his wonderful work.

Entry columns
This view, while not precisely the same as its complement to the right, shows the “decorative” columns in the entry hallway. See how they confine the space?
2 living spaces
You can see how the absence of the columns allows a sense of connection between the living spaces. Not to mention removing the wall enclosing the kitchen, but there will be better shots of that, later.
Entry hallway
Entry looking toward hallway and rear living area.

The next two shots are pretty much the same view, showing the front living area and front door .

front living before
front living after
Library Shelf Area Before
Library Shelf Area Before
Library Shelf Area After
Library Shelf Area After

Here is a shot of the same area with Debra, Effie the Wonder Dog, and me:

Debra, Effie, & Dan
Photo by our lovely and exceptional friend, Amber Shumake – you can find her photography site here.

The next two shots show the rear living area, looking toward the bedroom hallway. You may recall that, when we started, Hildring House had 5 bedrooms but no laundry room (the washer and dryer were stuck in the hall outside Debra’s Domain) and no powder bath for guests. Debra’s plan converted one of the bedrooms into both a laundry room and a powder bath, added a window, and widened the hallway by an extra few feet.

Back living before
Back living after

We’ll wrap up this post with a look at the space that Debra conjured like a wizard: the laundry and powder bath where the “extra” bedroom was. (The original post talking about transforming the long, dark hallway can be found just above the preceding pictures or here.)

Looking from the hallway into the extra bedroom
Looking from the hallway into the extra bedroom
Closet in the extra bedroom
Closet in the extra bedroom

The pictures above show the space where the metamorphosis took place. The closet was important in the scheme, since the new half bath fit almost entirely within that area.

New laundry room
The New Laundry Room. The window was pre-existing but was enlarged.
Built-in cabinets in new laundry
Built-in cabinets in new laundry (I took this photo; Trey would have done a much better job.)
New Guest Bath
New Guest Bath
view from hall to powder
Looking from hallway into the new guest powder

The wallpaper, by the way, is a peel-and-stick, removable product that Debra found. Which brings up something that you will not be able to see in any of the pictures: all of the new wall surfaces in Hildring House are smooth – drywall with no texture. Very clean, very sleek. Yes, it’s more difficult (and requires an enormous amount of sanding, with all of the attendant dust) and, hence, more expensive, but it’s worth it.

I’ll close this post with one more comparison – the place where this blog is written, where much of the copywriting under the aegis of DBWordcraft takes place, and where Debra (DebraBarrett.com) does a great deal of her design planning and real estate work – our home office.

Office Before
Office After
OFFICE AFTER – Looks a lot more like somewhere magic might happen, doesn’t it?

We’ll be back soon with Part 2 of Hildring House Before & After.

In the meantime, thanks, so much for reading. These adventures are as much for y’all as they are for us (but we do love them so!). We’d love to hear what you think, so please feel free to comment or shoot us an email.

All the best –


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